Sunday, November 25, 2012

Magento Upgrade Report

The magento upgrade report tool is coming together.  This is a tool that helps me to estimate upgrade jobs, based upon potentialy complexities or problem areas of a given magento site.

I'm also beginning to think that there may be some general use cases for such a tool outside of upgrades specifically, such as if you might want to audit a new site that you're starting just to get a quick feel for what you're dealing with.  Would love to hear your feedback on that!

Here's a screenshot of the tool.

You can actually log in, add your sites, and pull reports on them all separately.  Some of the things that I'm checking for so far are:
  • Core code modifications
  • Base theme modifications
  • Custom theme structure
  • Modules with DRM issues
  • Modules requiring an upgrade based upon the current version and the latest available version as reported by Magento Connect.
  • Class rewrites - Total number as well as identified conflicts.  (Big thanks to the MageRun team for an excellent base to build upon).

Database Maintenance Report

In addition to that, I've also got a few database checks that I'm doing:

  • Log cleaning
  • Quote cleaning

Module Report

Then, I dive deeper into individual modules with a report on all of the 3rd party modules installed on the system:

  • Modules that are already up to date with the latest stable version
  • Modules requiring an upgrade
  • Modules that we may not know enough about yet - probably because they are paid modules and not available in the Magento Connect service.
Feel free to sign up for the magento upgrade service if you'd like to begin using this tool.


  1. Would be great to check the code of third-party modules also!

  2. Thanks! Ya as I was building this out I started to realize that modifications to third-party modules will probably as big or bigger of a concern than modifying mage core. Hoping it won't get too complicated to keep a library of modules that I can diff against. I guess I'll need every version of every module though, including paid modules :|