Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Magento Cleanup Service

magento cleanup service
Let's clean that junk up
A big part of my upgrade service is the process of cleaning up a Magento install and bringing the core code, themes, community modules, and database schema into a clean state.  That got me thinking today that maybe the process of cleaning up a Magento install may be of interest to merchants or solutions providers even regardless of whether they happen to be doing an upgrade or not.

A few potential use cases come to mind:
  • You're getting ready to start some new development and just want to work off of a clean base.
  • Your in-house team could use a little bit of help with some tricky issues that they've been avoiding fixing for fear of breaking something (core code mods, foreign key issues come to mind).
  • You could do it yourself but would rather focus on more creative development, and leave the grunt work to someone else.
  • You are on-boarding a new client and would like to get their Magento build into a clean state before having your development team's eyes on it.
Just thought I'd post this up and see if I get any feedback.  If this is something you may be interested in, please don't hesitate to give a shout.


  1. I think a cleanup service would be extremely valuable for a lot of installations out there.

    Moving everything into the right directories. Minimising the use of custom phtml, custom php, layouts, css, js, etc. Removing dead extensions. Setting configs and core stuff to a correct state. Cleaning up the DB. Basically doing a full on Magento tune up would be a great service.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Jonathan! You can actually go to http://www.mageupdate.com/ and sign up there. Even though you're not signing up for an upgrade, it will take you the process of pulling in your site and doing a preliminary report.

      That will be a good starting point for me to be able to quote you on a tuneup.

  3. We would love that Kalen. We're down!

    1. Awesome! I got your email, look forward to talking. :)