Sunday, February 10, 2013

Magento 2 Admin Theme Sneak Peek

I recently took a peek at the Magento 2 admin theme - it's coming along quite nicely!  And I thought I'd post up some pics.

The login screen

Account edit screen - digging that left nav

Little bit o' dashboard.  

Orders grid.  Like some of the new iconography but definitely needs polish.

System config - where we'll spend most of our time, devs :)

The search bar does a nice little javascript animation when you click it

The spinner.   *Really* hoping they're gonna spruce that up a notch or two.

Product grid - nice little quick menu for selecting product type

Product create page - drag-and-drop images up in here.

The wysiwyg, looks like Brendan didn't convince them to go with markdown :) 

System Top Menu


  1. Thanks for the sneak peaks. Are there any speed improvements with the Admin 2.0? Specifically saving a product or creating a new order. I see you mentioned the spinner - so I assume the new order process is still ajax and very slow. Let us know!

  2. Yes, the New Order process from the Admin side still uses the semi-awkward-and-slow ajaxy process. :/ The New Product flow seems largely the same but they have some little tweaks here and there to the UX that are kinda nice.